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Septic tank Cleaning 7

Septic Tank & Bio tank Cleaning/De-Sludging

When septic tanks and bio-units are de-sludged on a regular basis it helps to keep them well maintained which can help to save money in the long term because when things go wrong and they fail the cost of repairing them can be quite high in some cases, not to mention the unpleasant smells and odours. It is important to regularly empty your septic tank. The key to ensuring your septic tank is working efficiently is to clean it out every 12 – 18 months.

This also provides the opportunity to assess the condition of the tank and to see if it is structurally sound; any problem with the tank can then be dealt with before it escalates which in turn reduces any costs on the homeowner.

Envirodrain is a holder of a waste disposal permit with the National Waste Collection Permit Office. A Copy of this permit is available on request. Envirodrain disposes of all waste at the appropriate waste treatment facilities and on completion of de-sludging we will provide the client with reciept/certificate which will include the date of the septic tank de-sludging and also our permit number. This is proof of de-sludging being carried by a permitted waste collector and can be produced in the event of an inspection by a local authority.

We de-sludge domestic and commercial tanks and we can also offer the service of maintenance contracts to clients where necessary.