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Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance Contracts

Envirodrain offers a comprehensive Grease Management service which complies to all statutory requirements including the Waste Management Act and all local authority requirements. We work with many commercial clients of varying sizes including Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Golf Courses, various food outlets, retail stores and kitchens of any size.

We take the management of grease very seriously and our clients are happy in the knowledge that we remove grease to the proper disposal facilities.

Under legislation it is not permitted for fats, oils, and grease to enter the waste water system as this can be highly problematic and cause blockages to sewers and pipes.

Those in the food sectors are required to install grease traps in order to intercept the grease as it leaves the kitchens and work areas.

It is very important to maintain and clean these grease traps on a regular basis by using a permitted waste collector.

Envirodrain can offer that service and we also provide the client with collection and disposal dockets so there is full traceability in relation to the grease, we remove the grease to an authorized disposal facility and the disposal certificates are proof of that.

We also can provide the client with enzyme dosing units and maintenance contracts if they so require.

This can help to ensure that the grease is managed and maintained regularly and in a professional manner.