Castlemaine, Kerry



Drain unblocking and Drain Jetting

Blocked drains can be a big problem in any household, sometimes you won’t realise there is a blockage until the toilets in the house start to back up or get clogged up. You might notice a smell or water flowing very slowly. Envirodrain can fix all these problems for you.

We provide a round the clock service to all customers.

We unblock all types of drains, commercial businesses, domestic houses, land drains etc…
We offer a high pressure jetting service for flushing out all pipes and drains that may be blocked.

If the blockage in your drain turns out to be a more serious issue we can also check this for you on the day with our CCTV drain camera and we can identify the problem there and then. This will help to keep your costs down as it can all be done in the one call out.

What to look out for In a blocked drain

  • Toilets not flushing as normal
  • Smells or odours coming from the pipes and inside the house.
  • Water taking longer to drain
  • Water visible outside near manholes.

Good drain Management

  • Do not flush baby/wet wipes down the toilets at any time as these don’t breakdown naturally and can block and clog up your drainage system.
  • Install a domestic grease trap – grease from dish washing and general cleaning can stick to your pipes and over time slowly block the pipes and drains.