Castlemaine, Kerry



CCTV line Investigation for Drains and Chimneys

CCTV Surveys are vital in helping to assess the condition of pipes and sewer lines.
We have specialised equipment for inspecting pipes and detecting leaks, breaks and blockages and the condition of pipes, this is a CCTV camera inspection service which will provide customers with a detailed report highlighting the quality of the surveyed pipes and lines. We also provide a drain mapping service if a client wants to know the exact location of a pipe underground or where it goes.

Each job can be individually named, dated and documented.

We also provide customers with a copy of this report for their own records and viewing. This enables the customer to make an informed plan based on the findings of the report.

This can be very useful for any persons in the process of purchasing a house.

It is advisable to carry out a CCTV Survey prior to purchase of any property as there can be hidden problems in pipes and a survey will provide you with an accurate picture of the condition of the pipes and save you money in the long term.