Castlemaine, Kerry



Who are Envirodrain

Envirodrain is a full service drain solution company that offer our clients experience and knowledge in solving all manner of drain related problems and issues.

Envirodrain was established in 2015 by Thomas Barton and since then has grown at a steady pace offering a personal touch with a vast wealth of over 25 years of experience in many varying degrees of construction throughout the Munster area and beyond.

We offer both a domestic and commercial drainage solution service to the Munster area.

We are a permitted waste collector.

Since being established we have built an outstanding reputation by providing reliable, efficient and cost effective services to our customers. We offer free quotations on all services. We can guarantee that all work carried out by Envirodrain will be done so in a competent and professional manner, at all times paying special attention to the clients needs. We also provide an out of hours and emergency cover service to all clients and can be contacted at any time, day or night.

The services we provide include:

  • Septic Tank & Bio-Unit Cleaning,
  • CCTV Drain Surveys,
  • Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance Contracts
  • Grease Trap Supply and Installation.
  • Unblocking of Drains,
  • Oil interceptor Cleaning,
  • Pre-purchase Property inspections/surveys.

Why do I need to call Envirodrain ?

The regulations that require us to maintain an efficient, clean and safe approach to disposing of our domestic and commercial wastewater these days have never been greater, and for good reason too. The protection of our environment through well-organised and well-maintained treatment systems has become a priority in recent years with local authorities and environmental protection bodies insisting that homeowners and businesses play their part.
With this in mind, it’s prudent to have a contact close at hand who you can rely on, one who doesn’t just ‘do the job’ but who does it professionally. Envirodrain is based in Keel, Castlemaine and is up and running for over a year now. It’s already established a reputation for being a resourceful and skilled company when managing domestic and commercial wastewater dilemmas - cleanly and efficiently – putting the concerns of its clients at ease. Envirodrain is fully registered and complies with all environmental regulations to a high standard. So that’s why you should consider calling Envirodrain today.